The Pesky Critters of South Florida Story

Owner Todd Hardwick is a Florida native. He grew up watching and catching animals while other children played video games and went to the mall. By the time he was in high school, Todd would trade his services for pizza money and movie tickets.

Now he is not only called upon to catch raccoons, possums and foxes, but is also a nationally known nuisance animal control expert with over 30 years experience in South Florida. He has appeared in and consulted many different media outlets including Animal Planet©, The New York Times©, and The PBS Channel©.  He has also appeared on the Tonight Show© with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. Dateline NBC©, The Today Show©, Good Morning America© and hundreds of other shows have also called upon Todd for his expertise.

Todd prefers to concentrate his efforts in the South Florida area. The three main counties serviced by Pesky Critters are Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach. Pesky Critters is continually called upon by federal, state, and local agencies for nuisance control.

Pesky Critters uses humane traps and tranquilizers to capture exotic animals alive and unharmed. High risk situations are safely managed with the use of state of the art equipment to ensure both human and animal safety.

If you hear something in your attic or your domestic pets suddenly have unwanted dinner guests call and/or contact us immediately.

Photo: Bill Cooke
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We serve private, corporate and governmental entities. Please feel free to call us for information about our services. Trust the experts to handle the removal of nature's visitors on your doorstep, Pesky Critters, the right call!
Pesky Critters
Pesky Critters

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